Jay Scott

I teach electric and acoustic guitar, in nearly every style except classical (though I dabble with that). I also teach electric bass. I welcome and work with people of all ages and at all levels, from total beginners to working professionals.

In addition to developing your playing skills, we can also work (according to your interests and needs) on ear training, music theory, reading and transcription, and songwriting.

As a working player and full-time professional musician, I can also help train you in performance skills. This includes the technical side, such as choosing the right gear and getting a great live sound. I admit to being a bit of a gearhead!

My Jam Camp program, which is designed to help my students get some real experience playing with other musicians, started up in the summer of 2013 and has grown to three sessions a month. Currently the campers are digging into the mysteries of electric blues.

I am also having a lot of fun teaching people to assemble Fender-style electric guitars and basses, generally working with one builder at a time to create customized instruments. These are very high quality, and fun to play.

My live music focus is currently all about playing around the area with a few longtime jam buddies and some new friends in a jazz/rock/funk/whatever-the-hell-we-feel-like band called Swamp Ash. Life in the swamp is fun, and I plan to stay there for a long time!

In 1997, I released a solo fingerpicking guitar CD called Miranda’s Waltz to glowing reviews in the national acoustic music press and nationwide airplay. I’ve also recorded the “Jay’s Jams” series of play- along CD’s in different styles, and always have new projects in the works.

I graduated from Brown University with a BA in music, but I’ve learned the most important lessons onstage, in the studio, and in the workshop.

Want to know more? There’s plenty of information on all the things I offer on my website at www.JayScottGuitar.com. Thanks for checking it out!

Tim Bio Pic

Tim Lordan

Born in Delaware County and raised in West Chester, PA, Tim went to college at Berklee college of Music. Tim applies an innovative teaching approach that incorporates rhythmic development. With a well rounded knowledge of music theory Tim uses these rhythm and style concepts to motivate students to improvise, groove, and solo in different keys and modes.

If you are interested in developing skills to perform in bands or solo, Tim Lordan is the teacher for you. He has studied from numerous teachers and after 13 years of teaching and performing, he is still developing methods to increase the efficiency of learning. Learn to read music, read tabs, develop your ear, compose, arrange, prep for talent shows, auditions, gigs, studio work etc.
Instruments taught include guitar, bass, piano, and voice.


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