You Never Forget Your First

I’ve been told that having a Blog associated with our website is essential to its success. The problem was where and how to start. After all I’m a “brick and mortar” guy from way back and the world of internet retailing, except for the occasional purchase, is foreign territory to me. Our new website is up …now how to get that Blog started?

The solution came to me when I went to one of my favorite local restaurants with my son Aidan the other night. The waiter approached the table and said “I know you”. Not recognizing him I gave him a quizzical look to which he replied “You sold me my first guitar”. I asked how long ago that was and he said 15 or 16 years ago. Wow! I was knocked out, but maybe I shouldn’t be

I still recall buying my first guitar over 45 years ago from a small mom and pop store, Krill’s Music in Upper Darby. I’d been coming in and staring at a Gibson SG Special for weeks. The owner, Mr. Krill even took it down from its place high up on the wall whenever I’d come in. He’d tell me about it and all the other cool guitars and amplifiers. Showed me how things worked and let me compare “my” guitar with other guitars in the shop and suggested other things I might like. He always encouraged me to try things he knew I couldn’t afford knowing full well that if I continued to play there would be more gear in my future. When the day came for me to buy the guitar of my dreams I think he was as happy as I was. Krill’s remained my guitar shop of choice for years after. I took lessons there, bought picks, strings, straps, cables and my first wah wah pedal as well as getting information and advice. Despite finding bigger and more modern music stores in Philadelphia, I remained a customer til Mrs. Krill closed the store after her husband’s passing.

Krill’s Music and Mr Krill helped me with my first guitar and set me on a path which has led me to West Chester Music. Like Krill’s and many other small guitar shops we have put guitars in the hands of many beginners, hobbyists and working musicians over the past 40 years. We are pleased to have their loyalty as customers and proud to call many of them friends.


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